“let them know you”

SMALL b  offers local businesses a variety of services including online advertisement and marketing products design and printing services.

Our main goal is to help local businesses refer each others services. We created a local Online directory where you can advertise, create special offers, or find other local trustworthy services and products. We offer all services to facilitate the process and promote your best image. From high quality logos to all other marketing products, we help you create a marketing strategy which will allow your business grow and be exposed. 

" get to know them"

Get to know our local business and partner to create a costless successful local network to help each other business grow.

With SMALL b you will have access to a wide network of local businesses who you will be able to trust and offer their services to your own clients. Creating a network of local businesses who support and trust each other will generate a great impact in our city advertisment and success system. 

Ad layout and Booklet design sample 

Sample of Printed Guide